Supercharge improvement!

If your improvement process runs on multiple systems, various spreadsheets, email chains and crossed fingers and isn’t cutting it…
Switch to Schoolaspect.

Covering all Aspects of School Improvement

From evaluation to appraisal, Schoolaspect has you covered. Plan effectively, improve oversight and report effortlessly.

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Self Evaluation

Structured around Ofsted and faith frameworks, governors, teachers, team members have access to view and understand the school’s self-evaluation as well as being able to contribute towards its content and upload supporting evidence.

Areas of improvement are linked to improvement plans and progress is automatically included in the SEF.

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Improvement Planning

Schoolaspect is a centralised online resource; keeping all your school improvement plans up to date and available for all staff. The system ensures all staff members can take ownership of, and understand the school’s improvement progress.

Plans no longer get pigeon-holed or filed away with limited reference or visibility.

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Schoolaspect provides a suite of monitoring templates including, learning walks, lesson observations, work scrutinies, pupil discussions and much more. All templates include teacher standards and link to objectives in your improvement plans.

Email based reminders ensure monitoring tasks are never missed or overlooked.

Staff Appraisals

The appraisal module makes school leaders' life simple by pulling together the outcomes of all monitoring, involvement in school improvement plans, and allowing each member of staff to upload evidence of their work.

With information all in one place, it's easy to make an informed and fair judgement of staff performance.

Policy Management

Schoolaspect will automatically track policy readers and ratifiers reminding those who haven’t done so. Automatic review reminders, ensure policies are never out of date.

Policies can be embedded into your school website giving you control over which are shared and automatically updated.

Pupil Tracker

The pupil tracker enables school leaders to track the progress of all pupils, highlighting those in need of additional provision.

Save valuable hours previously spent managing assessment data by judging pupils' ability, without the need for time-consuming grading of every pupil on every area of the curriculum every term.

Here‘s what our customers say…

“Schoolaspect is an amazing system that allows senior and middle leaders to have continuous access to the School Improvement Plan.

“It being an online system makes it ideal for all school sizes and ensures the Improvement Plan is a working document and is constantly up to date. Sending email reminders for dates of objectives, links from monitoring tasks to objectives and the ability to send staff reports of monitoring exercises — all in one place, enabling subject leaders and senior leaders a manageable way of monitoring, evaluating and analysing school improvement objectives.

“Schoolaspect also has the facility to complete Performance Management for staff, the School Self-evaluation and to store policies making it a great one-stop shop. I would happily recommend it to other schools.”

Ms Bretta Townend-Jowitt

Headteacher — Kingham Primary School